Starting Up A Gallery Café

If you are looking to start up your own restaurant and are looking through different options for aboriginal dot paintings the kind of style you want to create, consider starting up an art gallery café. If you look around, you are likely to notice that there are hundreds of places that young people can go to, to have a casual low priced fast meal with friends as the fast food industry is booming, however, there is a lack of classy ambient restaurants for the businessmen, the working adult or the individual looking to have a business meeting over lunch. Consider catering to this market as you are not likely to have too much competition in this area.

Elegant food and tasteful master pieces

As you will be targeting upper market higher end clientele, you must take advantage of this fact by marketing more than just food to them. Consider having a number of original art pieces by unknown artists as well as traditional aboriginal artwork displayed on your pure white walls. These master pieces will not only serve as beautiful décor for your café but you may also consider selling these master pieces to your clientele as a way of making some extra money. Therefore they will serve a double purpose as interior décor and as an investment.

Having Australian aboriginal art at your gallery café will likely draw in art collectors and people who simply love beautiful mater pieces and they are likely to have something to eat and drink while they are there. Make certain that the food that you serve is elegant and that you serve some brands of expensive wine. This way, you may even have some art and wine tasting events once in a while to market your gallery café and to spread the word about your brand.

The great thing about being a seller of expensive wine and hosting wine tasting events is that you will be able to have these wine tasting events completely sponsored by the wine parent company itself, as they often have budget allocations for such events. Of course, you may support your own community as well, by offering to display some original artwork, provided of course that they are good enough at your gallery café. This way, you will not only be helping out an upcoming artists, but if they artwork is sold, you will make a profit.  In addition to this, you will be able to depend on the artist to spread the work about your gallery café to his or her own contacts as well.