Things To Consider Before Selling Your Art

If you are new artists and thinking of selling the pieces you have finished already, it can be quite difficult sometimes. There are many things to consider before selling your paintings.
Who do you want to sell it to?Before starting to put up advertisements for art sale you need to figure you your potential customers are going to be. There are several kinds of art lovers and collectors. You have aboriginal art for sale online, the modern art lovers and historical art lovers. You need figure out who your potential customers are and the demand for the type of painting. For example modern painting sells well in hotels and restaurants so if you are a modern artist you may want to contact these places and try to promote your work. First find out your strengths and then figure out who you are going sell the painting.
The pricingPricing is very important when selling paintings. If you are an artist you need to make sure that you can cover the cost of painting an art. For example if you are an aboriginal art painter you need to do the costing for your paintings and then decide how much you want as the profit. Sometimes paintings values more than the cost and profit you want together. You need to do some research and find out the value similar paintings selling at. Take a walk in the galleries and see how they are priced. If you are a new artist you need to be very careful when pricing your work. You don’t want to overprice or undervalue your work. Best way is to get some professional help to find out how much your Emily Kngwarreye Paintings is worth.
Where you sellThis is an important part when selling your painting. You need to figure out if you have the capacity to have a small gallery of your painting or if you need to merge with an existing gallery to display your work. Keeping in mind that if you showcase your work at another gallery they may take a percentage from your art. Also you need to find out means of selling your painting. You can display them in a website. But make you need to provide delivery if you are expecting the customers to pay upfront. Or you can have a system where they can order and painting and you can make it to order. Whichever the method you choose, make sure to go through the pros and cons of each method to make sure that you have gone through these carefully before you decide on a method to sell them.

Starting Up A Gallery Café

If you are looking to start up your own restaurant and are looking through different options for aboriginal dot paintings the kind of style you want to create, consider starting up an art gallery café. If you look around, you are likely to notice that there are hundreds of places that young people can go to, to have a casual low priced fast meal with friends as the fast food industry is booming, however, there is a lack of classy ambient restaurants for the businessmen, the working adult or the individual looking to have a business meeting over lunch. Consider catering to this market as you are not likely to have too much competition in this area.

Elegant food and tasteful master pieces

As you will be targeting upper market higher end clientele, you must take advantage of this fact by marketing more than just food to them. Consider having a number of original art pieces by unknown artists as well as traditional aboriginal artwork displayed on your pure white walls. These master pieces will not only serve as beautiful décor for your café but you may also consider selling these master pieces to your clientele as a way of making some extra money. Therefore they will serve a double purpose as interior décor and as an investment.

Having Australian aboriginal art at your gallery café will likely draw in art collectors and people who simply love beautiful mater pieces and they are likely to have something to eat and drink while they are there. Make certain that the food that you serve is elegant and that you serve some brands of expensive wine. This way, you may even have some art and wine tasting events once in a while to market your gallery café and to spread the word about your brand.

The great thing about being a seller of expensive wine and hosting wine tasting events is that you will be able to have these wine tasting events completely sponsored by the wine parent company itself, as they often have budget allocations for such events. Of course, you may support your own community as well, by offering to display some original artwork, provided of course that they are good enough at your gallery café. This way, you will not only be helping out an upcoming artists, but if they artwork is sold, you will make a profit.  In addition to this, you will be able to depend on the artist to spread the work about your gallery café to his or her own contacts as well.

Redesigning Your Home On A Budget

If you are one of those people who has lived in your home for as long as you can remember, yiou might be a little bored with the look and feel of your home. While home is the one place that you can feel most relaxed and comfortable, even the comfiest of homes can do with an upgrade once in a while.

Research designs online

A quick search online for modern homes will give you thousands of ideas for redesigning your home. Of course upgrading your home as the pictures show will likely cost a lot of money, money you most probably cannot afford and therefore you will need to look at the pictures and find ways of imitating the designs in a much less expensive way. For example, you may replace the beautiful original paintings in the home décor websites with cheap canvas wall art prints that you can buy online and have they framed in a similar way to the ones in the pictures. Adding a white border to most cheap paintings and then framing them in a thick black frame can add a touch of class and a lot of elegance to any cheap painting. In this way, you will need to come up with ideas on how to imitate other aspects of the fancy pictures you find online.

Purchase imitation décor off the internet

Like the affordable wall art prints, you will be able to find a lot of other cheap home décor stuff on the internet – especially on sites like ebay. Ebay will have many things that you can purchase for less than a dollar. One great idea is to buy these things and add your own personal touch to them by repainting them or redecorating them with glass paints and fabric paints that you can purchase at any art supplies store.

Cleaning up the clutter and the mess

Before you purchase anything for your home, you will need to start clearing the house up of the clutter that has been collected through the years. There is no better way to redesign your home and make it a lot more spacer than taking the time to clean up all the junk lying around the house that you have collected, packing them up in to storage boxes and stowing them away. In fact, an even better idea is to get rid of as much stuff as you can by giving them away. Clearing you home of all its clutter is guaranteed to give your home the appearance of being bigger and spacer.

Tips when hiring a painting contractor

As our lives have gotten steadily busier, people have less time to watch over a job being done. Hence, there are now companies or individuals who have started up their own businesses undertaking the hiring of labour as well as arranging contracts and payments from start to finish. The same applies to painting jobs, as one main body will manage a group of painters and allocate certain jobs based on their expertise and experience. While this procedure makes life very much easier, there are some points to bear in mind so that you gain the positives from the experience, and not lose your hard-earned money in the end.

Too often, customers seem to think that simply telling them a paint job is needed is sufficient information for the painting contractors Sydney at to understand the job. It is not. Firstly, to obtain accurate estimates for comparison, you will need to be thorough and clear in your job description for them to quote you. This will help them analyse how big the project is, and how much they can charge. If you do not give them every detail and they find there is more work than initially anticipated down the line, they will of course increase their rates, and you will need to be prepared for that.

As much as a job breakdown on your part is important, it is also important that they do the same for you. What is their process? Will they cover surface preparation that is needed before a paint job? What type of paints will they be using? Ensure you also get details on the quality professional painters sydney they use and what brands as well as how many coats they will be using. Furthermore, you should also ask them how they will protect your furniture and other surrounding areas while working, especially if there is work being done around the house. It would be terrible to have splashes of paint on your tables, chairs, sofas and other items as it can be impossible to get rid of.

Getting any kind of work done on your house can be disruptive, as you will need to make certain adjustments to your daily routine which can be hard to deal with over a long period of time, especially if you have children. Specify how long you can spare for the job to be completed (within reason of course), and ensure if the painting contractors agree to this timeline, that they stick to it. If you find them taking more time than was agreed, you have the right to speak up as it has been stipulated in your contract. Prior to starting work, you should also agree on a course of action, should they fail to meet your time requirements.

If you pay enough attention to each contractor when shortlisting them by taking into account certain qualities, you will be able to narrow them down quite effectively. The key to a good contractor, is that they understand their work begins right from the enquiry and not when the painter is on-site. They need to be professional, polite and ready to answer any questions as well as provide solutions to problems that may crop up. If they respond quickly to your enquiry, you know that they are prompt and punctual in their work and take it seriously, as opposed to someone who takes so long to respond, you had forgotten all about it. If they do not match these criteria from the start, look at other options.