Dance Styles You Need To Try

You do not need to travel in order to experience a culture. There are many ways that you can do this right at home. An interesting way of immersing yourself in a foreign tradition is to try the local dance style. Dance is a beautiful way to express yourself and many dance styles have evolved from a certain aspect of that particular culture. You can take a dance class or visit a cultural center to sign up for lessons. You can also ask for individual lessons from a local from that country. Whichever method you choose you are certain to view the traditions of that nation in a whole new light. Here are some popular dance styles that you should give a whirl:

Kizomba is a dance that originated in Angola. It has its roots in another popular style – zouk. Kizomba Sydney is a very slow and sensual dance that involves a partner. You will be in extremely close contact with your partner during the period of this dance. It is best if you learn this dance with someone you are comfortable with. This dance requires to be rather agile with your knees as there is a continuous up and down movement. Kizomba classes Sydney, in particular is growing in popularity, get more info.

Belly Dancing
Do you think that your hips don’t lie? Popularized by such artists such as Shakira, this technique originated in the Middle East. While it may be called ‘belly’ dancing, this dance requires a lot more control over your hips. The main focus of the dance is the torso along with the hips. The movement is fluid and graceful. It used to be performed for kings in Egypt and was considered an art form with nuances of seduction.

This elegant dance hails from India. It is essentially a fire dance and the purpose of the dancer is to move their body as though it was a leaping flame. It is more than a dance, however, and tells the story of where one dancer can take on the form of different characters. The Bharathanatyam has long been revered for its artistic expression, poses, and elegance. It takes a lot of effort to master this dance but the effort is well worth it. To learn more about dancing classes, contact latin motion.

In an unusual combination, Capoeira uses techniques that involve dance as well as martial arts. This unique style originated in Brazil. Capoeira initially began as a way for slaves to protect themselves from their masters. They were forbidden from owning weapons or learning how to fight. The slaves took it upon themselves to create a new fighting style that could be disguised as dance. It is certainly an athletic endeavor. This dance was recently labelled as ‘intangible cultural heritage’ by UNESCO. These dances are all beautiful and intricate pieces of culture. When you learn these dances, you are, in fact, embodying a small piece of the heritage of that nation. Once you have spent some time studying the various dance moves, you will find that you are able to express yourself in new and unusual ways.